Tassel Binge!!

Hi, guys, I have been thinking about having some appealing look which casually appears beautiful without much hype. So being appealing with a more subtle look and without being extravagant is the toughest thing to do in this summer heat.

Right now I’m drooling over white and rust combination. White is my all time favorite color and can go with anything (my secret is when u can’t find anything, wear white and black) and the mermalade colour shorts I have worn is so basic and is the suitable combination with white mesh top. Best thing is, this beautiful white top from shein is soo trendy and can easily carry off on any occasion. Look at this bell double layered sleeve isn’t that pretty. This white Mesh top has my heart and highlight of this Tassel how pretty they are emphasizing on top.

I have worn my high waist shorts in shade mermalade which give perfect look and make me look party ready and fashionable at the same time. Not to forget, to be more elegant, I have changed the style of my hair. I tied up my hair with a center partition to give it a sleek look. Also, with subtle makeup andI have enhanced my lips with red lip shade. I have not added many accessories, coz it was perfect with soo beautiful design of this top that I didn’t need anything to carry.

I hope you like my this tassel binge. Now go and experiment with your tassel top and be party ready with subtle attire. I personally love my look and not to forget this beautiful ambiance.

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Today I’m posting a modern outfit which is simple,smart and chic. Got this amazing culottes from sec-15, Chandigarh. Finally fortuitous to style it, but then it was too simple for fun brunch party that I had to enballish it. I also pickup this shirt from my brother’s wordrobe from allensolly to go with these pants.

Beside keeping this easy look with sliders or sneakers, you can also dress it up just a little with boots like i did. Adding minimal accessory just my silver necklace go perfect with this attire. Making it super appropriate for casual lunch , meeting or get together with my friends.

Before ending this here let me quickly say that I love the ambience and also my first ever collaboration. Soo, I am too excited and happy.

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Shoes Paradise!!

Give any girl right shoes and she will own it and conquer the world. Yeah, we heard that zillion time and that is because it’s true. Shoes are every girl’s favourite accessory and no matter how many we own, we still want more. And since, here are 5 pairs you must get you hands totally on!

1. That’s A Classic!

White sneakers are an absolute classic and every girl must have one of these. They can worn with simple denim pants as well as with classy dress or anything else that can possibly think of. Just wear these and flaunt these because they will make the perfect style statement.

2. Like a Star!

This classy pair will compliment your look as well as your personality. Because they know how to make you slay. Pair it with black top and denims or short or simole bodycon black dress, tie your hair up in an ponytail coz girl you are good to go!

3. Pop of Teal!

Teal is one colour that will never go out kf style this subtle yet classy pair of brogues will be perfect of any formal or semi-formal occasion. Complete your look with bright lipstick and a kickass outfit!

4. Bling it Up!

Something all you need bling in your outfit to make heads turn. These shoes are perfect match with your college outfit and night party look. We suggest you to go with boho chic with a twist and pair them up with a nice indo western dress. Complete your dress with subtle lip colour.

5. Clever Peach!

These subtle sneeker is always a clever choice that every girl should own. Go an experiment with them, you can pair it with blue denim and a tank top is what will go perfect. You can furyfur do messy bun to complete your look and to add funk in it!

Sooo what you guys waiting for, go and own these pair and rule the world girls!!! Till then see you next tym.


DIY Dungaree

Hello everyone!
As I said before that I’ll be back with next DIY look. Soo, I’m here with my 2 look. Nowdayd I am kind of addicted to Dungarees. I feel they are comfartable, fashionable n cerntainly ‘a must ‘, specially the cotton ones. We all would have many old men’s shirt of our Father/brother/spouse in our cupboards Right? Today I’ll be sharing super easy DIY, dungaree which you can easily make without paying any heavy price. They cost you almost nothing and is super easy to make.

Follow the steps to know how you can make the same:

1. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Pull up the collar. Turn the shirt inside out. From the shoulder seam make a point 12 inches below it. Do the same on the other side.

2. Place your own shirt on the top of it. Make sure the shoulder and the center of the two match.

Usin the shirt as your guide. Draw a line 0.5 inch apart to give shape to your dungree. Go all the way till the bottom of the shirt. You can increase the measurement depending on how fiitted or loose you want.

3. Now mark a point in the center which in 1 inch below the first collar button. From the center point mark the two points at either side which are at 5 inch apart from the center.

From the points you draw line inwards which are 2 inch long. Now join both ends with a curve line. This is the neck of dungaree. You can see in the picture.

4. Now join the ends together. And if your shirt has a pocket, make sure your line passes outside its corner and not through it. Basic outline of front of the Dungaree is ready.

Now draw dotted line all around the outline leaving a margin of 1 inch and cut the dotted line.

5. Pin the both layer so that they dont get displaced. Take it over, locate button and use these to mark the center. Mark a point of 5 inch below the top of the center. Now mark 2 inch lone lines on either sides. Join the lines same as you have done in front. Picture below will help you understand. Draw a dotted lines leaving 1 inch margin.Now cut the dotted line make sure only cut back layer.

6. Now stitch below the line where we mark 12 inch. Stitch below this mark and not above it.

Apply fabric glue on the flap and fold the flap. Repeat this with all the flaps.

7. For the strap, take the sleeves, one sleeve will make one strap. Cut out rectangular piece about 5 inch, fold into half and stitch.

8. Wear the Dungaree and decided upon the length of the straps. Stitch accordingly from back and secure with Tich-button from front.

Soo, isn’t dat easy?I have paired it with my blacktop from @gingerlifestyle and sneekers. Let’s start your new look and post them. Show the world you can do it yourself because fashion is about looking glamorous and being trendy and not only about wearing high end brands.

Be innovative Be creative and be fashionable always.

All d best to you guys. Love us n keep updated for new post



DIY Ruffle Top


I’m back again with great trend and new look for you guys. As you know summer are always being fashionable and wearing your trendy outfits. Hence, as a designer, this time I chose to stitch my own trendy look.″Why buy when you can DIY :-]″.

So, I bring to you 2 looks and today i will share my first look in this post. I’m excited friends, c’mon set yourself to make your own trendy DIY. Here are steps to follow:

One Shoulder Ruffle Top


As we all know polka-dots are evergreen and the latest trend of this summer includes Ruffles. So combining the two, i made beautiful one shoulder Ruffled top, follow the step below to make the same:


  1. Cut out the tank


    I made my pattern by using basic bodice block of my size. My plan was to cut little curve line from high point of the shoulder to the underarm of the opposite armhole. I used this pattern for both front and back of the top.

  2. Sew shouler and sides of the bodice


    With right side together, sew the shoulder and side seam of the bodice. Stitch fabric with the same colour thread. See our top is ready so easy na, let’s move ahead.

  3. Ruffle time

    In my haste, I forgot to take a picture of this step, so you’ll have to listen it carefully and use your imagination. I have made 2 layers of ruffles. Cut the ruffles of 5.5 inch wide and another one 3.5 inch wide. It should be as long as length of bodice.

  4. Attatch top and reffles


    First finish the edge of your armhole. Then place the both ruffles on the neck opening and sew the three layers together.

  5. Insert Elastic

    Time to create the tunnel for the elastic along the top edge of your dress. Turn the top edge under 0.5 inch. Pin and stitch close to the edge, but don’t stitch all the way around. Leave a couple inch opening to insert the elastic.Now insert elastic in the tunnel and stitch and secure the two ends of the elastic with a seam. Now stitch the remaing gap and close the tunnel.

  6. Final Touch

    Now you are one step ahead, your last step is overlock the ruffles and hem of the top.Sooo, here we are ready with a beautiful top that is perfect for outing with friends or dinner and lunch dates it’s easy right



Just to give you an idea of how to carry this look. I chose to wear this top with a chestnut coloured cullotes with black stilletoes and added accessorised with blue embroidered clutch. Start making your version of ONE SHOULDER RUFFLE TOP. Make it and show me by tagging us on @thebelladonnaworld in your pictures. I’ll be back with another DIY soon till then take care and keep stylish.

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NEW YEAR is all about new opportunities, chances, desires, meeting new people, making new friends. Everyone celebrates new year one way or another. Because its going to be an opportunity of keeping up with your new year’s Resolution which we somehow fail to complete, it’s going to be a fresh start of keeping up with a new revised YOU that you have promised yourself to be.Trust me! I get all of that , I go through all of that as well. But today before I talk  about Why and What  should we all be looking in the new year, let me tell you What I’ve learned from 2017 and why I’m saying It’s All About Today!

What 2017 was all about? and How I started this Blog and my Fashion page. So, Blogging and Fashion page were never my cup of tea. I was simple fashion college graduate who wanted to start her own fashion gallery and wanted to excel in the field. One day my friend Grusha and I were discussing about online fashion page. Grusha’s forte is makeup and my love is fashion, which is not hidden (hahahaha :p), and our bond led to the creation of  THE BELLADONNA WORLDLife is a roller coaster, it’s not always what you desire or think.

  • POSITIVE THINKING-Year 2017 was not as good as I thought it would be. I lost my Dad, my Hero, And it’s the worst thing happen to anyone. I was vulnerable and weak and soon realized that my bad times and failures are making me weaker, discouraged, and hopeless. I started telling myself that what’s done cannot be undone and I’ve to live in today to make my family’s and my future beautiful. I’m ready to fight any battle this world throws at me, to stand firm through every stormy night. I’ve to hold my family’s hand until forever. we are capable of molding our lives into whatever it is that we want. It only one positive thought”.
  • SEIZE THE DAY-The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it experiences to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. No feeling is final You must live in present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look towards another land. There is no other land; there is no other life, but this. You can’t live thinking about the future and regretting the past.
  • COMMIT TO THE LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY-No one knows what is in the lap of time. So, let it be, enjoy with your family, friends. Love them as there is no tomorrow. You can’t go back to how things were. How you thought they were. Rather than thinking about past all that matter is your loved one’s who are with you right now. Let them know how important they are n how much you love them. All you really have is……. NOW.
  • MANTRA TO HAPPINESS-Write it on your heart that every day is the best day. Life is a journey, not a destination. Happiness, not in another place but this place…..not for another hour, but this our. The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make now the primary focus of your life. if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and everyday……the here, the now.                                                            1514736915508
  • STRIVE TO SURVIVE-There must have been some really tough times in your life this year but you’ve done what you’ve always done.You continued to survive, you continued to fight. You’re stronger but tired. You’re tired but you refuse to give up. And that makes you powerful.
  • SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE-Sheep move and work in herd but you are not a sheep, do whatever **YOU** want to do. Never go with the flow. Just present the true version of you. And do whatever YOU feel like, because in the end it’s always about you. take what you have learned this year and heal from it. Grow from it and understand how beautiful it is to reach this point-to stand and inhale the life you have been granted. Let this new year be your year. Let it be a second chance you are wanting to take. Let it be answer you’ve been looking for. Let this new year consume you. Let it guide you and let it give you Hope. You need to move forward after tomorrow, you must know how only best is yet to come.

Happy New Year 2018 and being a fashion blogger i only want to tell you that “ FASHION IS YOU, AND YOU ARE ALL ABOUT TODAY”

Well, I hope this made you excited about the new year! Let me know in the comments below what do you feel and if this helped you in anyway!

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This month has been the month of festivities and numerous parties. Karva chauth, dussehra, diwali, bhai dooj and so on. All these occasions call for great dressing and enhanced stylish looks.

So this time around i did not get the time to shop for various outfits and therefore i looked into my closet, reinvented & recycled (fancy words i know right :p) some of the pieces i found in it. I have created two looks out of the same clothes, you could go for either depending on your personal style.

  • Desi dramaimage2(2)image1(3)

I went in for a more indo western style with this look. I paired up my black pallazo pants with a gold/black lycra top (for the essential bling). To make the look even more dramatic i draped a plain black dupatta around my torso. It not only makes the look more dramatic but also helps to assemble the outfit together. Plus black makes you look slender! so win win situation right? 😉 I further tied up my hair and wore a pair of pearl earings. For makeup i chose to do a full blown smokey eye look, nude lips and rosy cheeks.

  •  Subtle savitriimage3image4

For my second look i went in for a more subtle and simple style. Black pallazo pants and the same top i used earlier but this time i draped the dupatta around my neck. I let my tresses loose and wore a pair of elongated dangler earrings with it. 🙂 Hope these ideas helped you in any way possible. Create yours and let us know.

Constructive feedback is always welcome.




If you are a working women or a professional it sometimes gets hard to be both poise and comfortable at the same time. The way you dress in a professional environment speaks volume about your personality, authority and is essentially the first image you portray to your peers. Do not hassle, we have you sorted 😉

We have 2 options for you, the details of both will be listed below the display.


  • Black trousers & coat – Zara.
  • Pointed heels – Zara.

For this particular look we have gone for the usual professional attire i.e. a classic well fitted suit with heels but just to make it more bold we’ve used a black lace detailed bralette underneath the coat instead of the boring buttoned up shirt!


If you are running a little low on your budget you could try what we did on this particular look. Take a normal buttoned shirt from your closet and drag it downwards towards your arms. Button down the rest and tuck the collars inside. For the skirt we’ve taken a tailored stitched to size skirt (you could get one tailored from your tailor) in a gray color and wore ankle length black boots with it.

We hope this helped you in any way possible! stay tuned for more xx